Patient Testimonials

What patients are saying about Dr. Carrie: 

"I can’t describe the joy I felt walking out of Dr. Carrie’s office yesterday. Months of extreme shoulder pain and restricted range of motion convinced me I had a torn rotator cuff and might even need surgery. After four sessions with Dr. Carrie, not only is my shoulder problem completely resolved, I have a game plan for preventing a recurrence and a whole new appreciation for my body’s need to stretch and move. Dr. Carrie gets my highest recommendation!"
- Gayle M.

"Before meeting Dr. Carrie, I had struggled with back pain for 10+ years which affected my energy levels, my mental health, and my relationship to my body. During our first appointment, Dr. Carrie welcomed me with patience and genuine empathy, and we discussed my goals for my mental well-being and physical health. As someone who had never been to a chiropractor before, I was so pleasantly surprised to be seen as a whole person! Dr. Carrie is warm, bubbly, thoughtful, and incredibly skilled. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Carrie, my back pain issues have improved drastically, which has empowered me with more energy, positivity, and a renewed drive for caring for my body." 
- Laura H

 "I came to see Dr. Carrie based off the recommendation from a massage therapist I was working with on sciatic-related pain issues.  The massage therapist I was working with did not merely suggest a visit with any Chiropractor, but specifically Dr. Carrie.  Never having seen a Chiropractor before, I was unsure what to expect but I was in such a great deal of pain/discomfort I was willing to try anything. Upon meeting Dr. Carrie, I knew my preconceived notions were far off base and unfounded - she is the gentlest person I have ever met.  The way Dr. Carrie performs adjustments are neither scary nor aggressive.  Dr. Carrie is gentle, precise, and upfront about all of her adjustments.  She is always sure to explain what one can expect to happen through each adjustment and session; completely putting me at ease and changing my view of the profession. 
 Having become a regular of Dr. Carrie's, I question why I ever waited so long to see a chiropractor.  What I like most about my sessions with Dr. Carrie is how patient and willing she is to answer all of my questions.  I find it fascinating how interconnected everything is and I am amazed by Dr. Carrie's ability to holistically approach a patient's discomfort. With Dr. Carrie's help, I was able to bring my pain/discomfort to a much more manageable level.  I am very appreciative of Dr. Carrie's help in managing my pain, but what I appreciate most is how safe the healing space feels in her office and how she empowers her patients' recovery."  
- Dana B

"When I first started working with Dr. Carrie, I was experiencing frequent pain and numbness which made it hard to function. I started seeing results after my first appointment, and just a couple of months later I feel like a whole new person! I love the holistic nature of Dr. Carrie's treatments. I feel 1000% better. Thank you!"

"I came in to see Dr. Carrie because I was suffering a horrible case of sciatica which was a result from a traumatic birth that I had had a couple months before. I was able to get right in for an appointment at a convenient time and the appointment went great! Dr. Carrie was great at asking probing questions to get an idea as to what my symptoms were and she showed empathy for my situation. She went right to the root of the problem and after the first session I felt so much better! Two more quick 30 minute sessions and I am now just as mobile as I was before the pregnancy! Dr. Carrie's seamless communication, friendly and empathetic demeanor and her ability to heal was amazing. She was also great at suggesting other forms of treatment which would help me heal from the birth. I will definitely be returning for a regular adjustment!" 
- Zita S.

"Dr. Carrie restored my faith in chiropractors. She helps manage symptoms and restore function gently and efficiently, doing only what is necessary and right for her patients." 
- Karen C.

"Dr. Carrie goes above & beyond any other chiropractor. She approaches the body as a whole & doesn't just adjust you & call it a day. She always pays attention to my muscles too, knowing that the muscles are what can hold the skeletal system in alignment. I'm so grateful to have found such a gifted chiropractor!" 
- Rachel T.

"I loved her energy the minute I met her. She was enthusiastic and a great listener. I got a lot out of my session, and felt like I knew we were both heading in the same direction as far as my health needs were concerned. I look forward to my next visit and recommend without reservation." 
- John K.

"I experienced back pain in the past, and had tried acupuncture, massage, seeing my physician, Physical Therapy, and even another chiropractor… I had x-rays, MRIs and still, no one could determine the cause of my pain, let alone find a way to relieve it. I visited Dr. Carrie on a strong recommendation. I found her to be very knowledgeable and confident. After about 5 visits with her, and by doing stretches daily at her recommendation, I was no longer feeling pain. Dr. Carrie is thoughtful, caring and I feel so much better after seeing her."   
Kim M. 

"I had been seeing chiropractors for the last ten years after an automobile accident, but a recent move to Portland left me without a practitioner. I was hesitant to go again because of the cervical spine surgery I had, but I could tell my spine was out of alignment after a fall. After much research on area chiropractors, I decided to try Dr. Carrie. I found her to be very professional, empathetic, and willing to listen to me concerning my fears of undergoing spinal manipulation since the surgery. She reviewed my x-rays, decided to use an Activator instrument rather than manipulation on my neck, and taught me several stretching exercises that helped considerably. Her positive attitude and sense of humor throughout my sessions with her were an added bonus for me."  
- Jill G. 

"Dr. Carrie is a wonderful provider. She shows care and concern for me, explains everything fully and is even 'family friendly' when I need to bring my kids to an appointment. I have really enjoyed working with her and I'm experiencing progress after a car accident set-back." 
- Molly D. 

"I had never been to a chiropractor before, but after waking up one morning with a "twinge" in my back that made just about everything painful, I decided I needed to go in. Dr. Carrie was amazing to work with! She carefully took the time to understand what might have been going on and was so patient and understanding when I had trouble explaining something I was feeling—even helping me pinpoint what I was feeling so that I was better able to explain what felt wrong so we could figure out what I needed. She was so warm and open to questions and carefully explained everything she did so that I better understood what was wrong and how what she was doing was helping me. It was so reassuring to work with someone who so clearly loves what she does! In the end, we were able to fix my back problem after just four sessions, and obviously I was so glad to feel back to normal again, but it was a little bitter sweet to know it meant the end of our sessions together." 
-Caitlin B. 

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