Monday, June 10, 2013

Stretch of the week (aka: Tight muscles, be gone!) Neck AND Upper Back

I see it all the time: people massaging the side of their neck trying to provide some temporary relief from the soreness that slowly gets worse as the day goes on. Anyone who spends more than 30 minutes at a time sitting in one spot—whether  you’re driving, working on the computer, studying, or doing general desk work – knows what I’m talking about.

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re targeting the right spot? Sometimes, when your neck is sore, the pain might also be coming from somewhere else. your upper back! It’s very common for tight muscles in the upper back to refer pain into your neck and shoulders, and they can even cause headaches!

Here’s an easy modification you can make to a simple stretch that will help you target a problem area in your upper back:

Place your right hand on the left side of your head and gently pull your neck toward the right. This will stretch the left side of your neck. Repeat on the right.

After doing the stretch described above, shift the direction of your stretch by pulling your head slightly forward and to the right to stretch your left upper back area. Repeat the stretch on the left.

You’ll be surprised by how much relief you can get from this one simple stretch!

One important thing to remember: Tight muscles are tight for a reason. If muscle tension is caused by poor posture, stress, or a muscle imbalance, the pain in your neck will surely be back to haunt you! Pop by your Chiropractor to see if they can help you find the source of your pain, and help it disappear for good.

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